Up-coming Workshops and Trainings  (ICF accredited)

LMF Part 1: April 27-30, 2016  San Francisco Bay Area

LMF Part 1: June 22-25, 2016  San Francisco Bay Area


LMF Part 2: September 20-24, 2016 San Francisco Bay Area


See  http://www.verticaldevelopment.com/brochure.html for details. You can also contact  melanie@centerforleadershipmaturity for further information.


Detailed Session Descriptions:

Session I: Introduces the participant to developmental theory and its tenets (module1) as well as when and how to use the LMF and the MAP in organizational contexts (Module 2).

M1: First we introduce the 9 levels of ego development . We guide you in understanding and experiencing the levels in various ways: Didactic, experiential, conversations, voice dialogue, imagery, are some of these. We engage you  in a rich appreciation of each stage both theoretically and as an aspect of your own becoming. 

M2: Next we make the connections to applying this LMF in leadership teams, in organizations and in culture change work.  We introduce Polarity Thinking as a powerful method to foster multiple perspectives and to support development to postconventional stages, that is, to more integrated and systemic ways of being and acting in the world.

Session II: Is a specialization in developmentally tailored coaching for those who want to do coaching based on the principles of working differently with individuals at different stages. Each stage demands different ways and methods of supporting and challenging our clients. We built in many opportunities for practicing tailored coaching and debriefing the MAP. 

M3: Is one-day and focuses on language and its function in meaning making .This module  will help you deepen your appreciation of language and  to listen to your clients through an additional lens.  It will sharpen your ear for subtle differences as you examine a range of MAPs that  illustrate the differences among levels. However, this introduction to language and the MAP does not equip you to accurately assess anyone's level of development. Becoming a certified scorer is accomplished in a intensive 1.5 year training program with rigorous admission and exam standards.

M4: Consists of 3 days focused on coaching.  On the first day we cover in detail how to coach each level tailored to the client's capacity and share what works and what doesn't. Then you spend the next two days applying your learning and immersing yourself in practicing coaching  with the LMF and debriefing the MAP.

Important quality distinction!!!

We created this longer training program in response to our observation that the DIP (our former 3.5-day intensive) was not sufficient to prepare even seasoned professionals to skillfully apply knowledge about adult development in practice.  A special danger for novices in vertical approaches is to privilege vertical transformation over integration and horizontal development.  We also responded to many requests for more training and practice. If you have already taken a DIP (Modules 1+2), a  UK workshop, or Bill Torbert's 3-day offering, you are encouraged to take session II now to refresh and round out your knowledge with additional learning, deeper self-exploration, and actual coaching practice. 

Others' offerings promise you certification as a developmental coach in 3 days regardless of your theoretical and practical experience. Our workshops prepare you through a deep-dive into the stages and intensive practice to deliver ethical and insightful vertically-informed coaching. They also count for  CEE credits from the ICF.

Towards a LMF-Coach Certification:

Prerequisite for this specialist certification is a prior certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF), a similarly accredited coaching school, or a long-standing, respected career as a coach. If you plan to do developmental coaching using the LMF -framework and its test, the MAP instrument, you will be required from now on to attend the whole workshop sequence of four modules and pass the supervision phase of the training before earning the LMF-Coach Certification.

Crucial  Expansion of Program and Invite to former DIP Participants:

For those who have previously taken our DIP programs --our former 3.5-day introductory course-- as well as attendees from other 3-day workshops oriented to stage theories, this expanded program is a unique opportunity to solidify your understanding of adult development and to anchor it in practice. If you have taken the DIP and are interested in an update or in a specific topic, each of the above modules1-3 may be taken independently. Those who were authorized to use the MAP in a former DIP, you can complete the series by attending the more advanced offering. You need to take Modules 2-4 to get upgraded towards a LMF-coaching certification.



Recent Trainings Completed 

Session I+II (whole sequence) Feb. 2015        Sydney, Australia    

Session II (Modues 3+4) Jan 20-24, 2015       San Francisco Bay Area

Session I (Modules 1+2) Dec  8-11, 2014        San Francisco Bay Area

Session I+II (whole sequence) Oct 2014          Capetown, Johannesburg, South Africa

Session I (Modules 1+2) May 27-30, 2014       Dallas TX

Session II (Modules 3+4) Feb12-16, 2014        Burlingame, CA

Session I (Modules 1+2) Jan 12-15, 2014        Burlingame CA

Australia: Sydney (February 3-5 and 6-8, 2015

See attached brochure with the dates of the workshops or contact Maja Stanojevic-Andre at (admin@institutefordevelopmentalcoaching.com).

South Africa: Cape Town & Johannesburg (October 2014)

See The Coaching Centre (TCC) for information about last year's successful program and co-facilitated with Dr. Paddy Pampallis. For a detailed description of the various offerings regarding the LMF use the following link: Coaching Centre Brochure or contact Ray Adams at (admin@thecoachingcentre.co.za)


Scoring Certification Program:  

In May 2011 we started the last 18-months Scoring Certification Program running two parallel international cohorts. The selected participants were highly motivated and accomplished professionals.  Dr. Barbara Braham and Beena Sharma have been co-leading this program  with me.  Both have contributed immensely to the success of our students. Exams were held in Columbia, MD from Jan 11-13, 2013. 

Since June 2013 we have a new cadre of Certified Scoring Associates (= CSAs)

Our CSAs are highly trained, certified,  and seasoned in text analysis. Although we focus on analyzing sentence completions, the skills of text analysis apply to all kinds of texts.  You can find the names of certified scorers on the CG&Associates page and soon at CLM.  Many of our CSAs are both certified scorers and LMF coaches.  They have minimally scored 80 protocols from all levels and have achieved an 85% or higher interrater-reliability with expert scorers. They are also certified to write developmentally-informed and sensitive comments tailored to the specific and unique developmental needs of each client. The comments include stage-related recommendations for practice.

No other organization claiming to have trained scorers for assessing sentence completion tests (GLP) and (StAGES) have anywhere near the track record, rigor and expertise that we offer our clients. Moreover, We do ongoing research, and hold ourselves and our scorers and coaches to the highest ethical standards. 

We anticipate a new  scoring certification program in 2015. Contact us:  Susanne Cook-Greuter or Beena Sharma if you are interested in this highly sought after and transformational  training.

Benefits: Prior graduates agree that delving into exploring and noticing minute distinctions and nuances in language reveals much more about the writer than could be expected. They also consistently comment on how the process itself has fostered their development and helped them discover subtle preferences and biases.

It remains one of my  joys to get to "deeply" know a person from just 36 sentence completions. The tenet that language reveals much of a person's worldview and values gets born out again and again. Their vulnerabilities and coping skills also become vividly transparent.


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