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Postautonomous Ego Development:
A Study Of Its Nature And Measurement

Susanne R. Cook-Greuter
Harvard University

This dissertation makes both a theoretical and a practical contribution to positive adult psychology  by mapping and clarifying mature, postautonomous ego development and by providing new stage distinctions (Construct-aware, Unitive) and thematic categories to assess these. It describes Ken Wilber’s vision logic as a conscious, stepwise deconstruction of the habits of mind and heart, or an increasing awareness of the constructed nature of reality and language. Finally, it begins to bridge Western conceptions of psychological growth as increasing individuation and self-integration with Eastern notions of the permanent self as a transitional phenomenon that may be recognized as a guiding fiction and transcended.


Transcendence and Mature Thought in Adulthood  by Melvin E. Miller and Susanne Cook-Greuter (editors)

Frames the context of full-spectrum developmental theory and maps a number of major Western (bottom-up) and Eastern (top-down) approaches to personal growth from birth to “second tier,” to ego-transcendence. Introduces clear distinctions between stages and states of consciousness and ascendant and descendent frameworks. A classic in the field of positive mature adult development.



Creativity, Spirituality, and Transcendence: Paths to Integrity and Wisdom in the Mature Self (Publications in Creativity Research) by Melvin E. Miller and Susanne Cook-Greuter (editors)

Introduces conceptions of creativity and creative maturity that differ from the biological and cognitive approaches currently in vogue. The papers address creative expression in three sections from widely different perspectives: The chapters offer views on how artists have grappled with their muses (Garcia Lorca, Kazantzakis, Joseph Conrad) while they also offer theoretical analyses of creativity and reflections.  The intro chapter offers a good overview.

Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership  by William R. Torbert, Susanne Cook-Greuter, et al.

This volume gives both the practical advice of how to "do" action inquiry. Moreover, it provides an excellent summary of the differences between the "conventional" SCT developed by Loevinger and Hy (1978, 1996) and the "full-spectrum" Sentence Completion Test as expanded by Cook-Greuter to include mature meaning makers.


Leadership Agility: Five Levels of Mastery by Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs

Leadership Agility is a fresh voice in leadership studies that looks at leadership through a developmental  lens and does so in an easily accessible style.  Leadership Agility  provides a succinct and actionable overview of the developmental perspective. The authors  illustrate the way a leader’s capacity grows in the areas of self-development, context setting, creativity and influence via salient case studies and vignettes.  The book explains in detail how these leadership capacities mature as a leader moves from stage to stage. Especially useful is a self-guided  program of how to assess and develop one’s own and others’ leadership agility.



Personal and Organizational Transformations (Through Action Inquiry) by Dalmar Fisher, David Rooke and Bill Torbert

Fisher, Rooke and Torbert show how the Leadership Development Profile or a person’s current worldview relates to leadership actions in the workplace. It demonstrates how individuals can build on their LDP results to design their own development program. Studying later stage action logics and using the techniques offered in the book lead to greater self-mastery, influence and effectiveness.


In over our Heads by Robert Kegan

Kegan's seminal work examines the developmental readiness of adults to profit from intervention by helping professionals. His analysis explains the difficulties in attaining that readiness and in becoming able to move forward developmentally. (Note Prof. Kegan was Susanne Cook-Greuter's advisor at Harvard University.)



The Path of the Human Being: Zen Teachings on the Bodisattva Way by Dennis Genpo Merzel

Roshi examines the meaning of "letting go" or coming to terms with the fundamental realities of our environment and our places within it. He offers insights into how leaders can achieve fulfillment separate from attaining specific goals and ambitions. This provides both an alternative and an enhancement for those seeking personal satisfaction in their professional lives.


Integral Psychology by Ken Wilber

An all-encompassing, lucid and well written book bringing conceptual order to the psychology of East and West. (Note Susanne Cook-Greuter is the co-director of the Psychology Division of the Integral Institute founded by Ken Wilber.) This book is also available in French and  in German.



Malidoma Somé’s superbly crafted Of Water And The Spirit: Ritual, Magic And Initiation in The Life of An African Shaman  is a riveting autobiography of growing up in two different words. It describes in vivid detail the worldview and experience of the Dagana in Burkina Faso along with the colonial Western perspective as represented by the Jesuit mission school he attended. There is no other story that opened my eyes more about entirely different conceptions of reality and meaning making. Among Malidoma’s people there is no distinction between the natural and the supernatural. Malidoma’s vision weaves the lessons of both the shamanistic experience of traditional Africa and the Western mindset into a deeply moving, fantastic tale.

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