Cook-Greuter & Associates is transitioning!!

Cook-Greuter and Associates will henceforth do corporate, training, coaching work under the auspices of CLM.

The Center for Leadership Maturity (CLM)

Our new website is


It is your source for information about all aspects of our work related to LMF-training, coaching and consulting using the Leadership Maturity Framework.

That is,

I am delighted to announce that Beena Sharma will lead the enterprise as President of CLM with myself as co-founder.


Announcing the creation of the


If you wish to be informed about any aspect of my work including business applications and collaborations, you can do that now through CLM directly or use the link provided.


Some of our continuing business:

1)  to disseminate the concepts of adult vertical development and ego integration.

2)  to teach adult development theory, specifically the Leadership Maturity Framework and its application to individuals, teams and organizations across the world.

3)  to certify existing coaches in a rigorous training process to do vertically-tailored coaching with utmost compassion and an ethical grounding.

4)  to continue Research and Development (R&D) for the Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP) and for training and certifying scorers

5)  to provide ongoing discussion forums, support materials and guidance for both certified scorers and coaches.

6)  to offer information about adult development through our website, public engagements, conference presentations, blogs, pamphlets, and other publications as well as social media.

The Center for Leadership Maturity will have a new subdivision - the Institute for Polarities and Paradox.  Through this institute we will train and certify individual leaders, coaches, and consultants in Polarity WisdomTM. We use polarities and paradoxes as a high-leverage tool in working with clients to support both vertical and horizontal development. will remain as my personal website for my individual coaching practice, access to my publications, and other creative work.

I am very much excited about this new venture. I am looking forward to writing the long-awaited book on ego development, and the vital function of the ego as the meaning maker.

Stay tuned !


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