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Kegan and Lahey’s new book, Immunity To Change  is a manifesto for the possibility of lifelong adult self-discovery, mental growth, and healing. The first part of the book introduces the good news of ongoing adult development, the second offers examples of the successful use of the 4-Column Exercise  technology  from individuals to large corporations, and the third part invites the reader to get a direct experience and support for using the approach. Facing our competing commitments is not just about solving particular problems more effectively, or improving some behavior we have struggled with for a long time, it is about gaining a whole new relationship on how we as individuals and collectives define our problems and what underlies our  immunity to change. This book helps individuals, teams and organizations to make use of the aha’s that they may have had from reading “How the way we talk…”  If you follow the program you can gain a new level of understanding of your potential for lasting change. A broader mental space will enable you to respond to oncoming challenges with more choice and greater wisdom and have your immune system support your functioning rather than fight a hidden battle.

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