Growing up to Wake up: Reconsidering the Later Stages of Adult Development 

An online conversation with Susanne Cook-Greuter, Ph.D., and Terri O'Fallon, Ph.D. This conversation will include live Q&A. You can listen to the conversation live by webcast, or you can listen to the recordings at a later date.  

Two elders of the Integral Community, Susanne Cook-Greuter and Terri O'Fallon, will explore the later stages of adult development that many people are attracted to; some seem to want to wake up more than to grow up. Others want to grow up rather than wake up. Terri and Susanne both emphasize the importance of early and conventional stages in the process of the maturing human.

Terri is concerned with three primary areas: 1) healing shadow at all levels of development which supports a healthy embodied life at any level of development; 2) the integration of states and stages; and 3) repeating patterns

development theory describes the benefits of broader perspectives and the new suffering that accompanies transformation both during the process of growth and as a consequence of seeing, feeling and noticing more discrepancies, more injustice and more subtle ways to fool oneself with increasing awareness.

Some well-known stage theories idealize later stages, projecting upwards what should-be without actually having research beneath their stage descriptions. Some focus almost entirely on cognitive complexity. Although some cognitive capacity is necessary for understanding complexity and interdependence, both Susanne and Terri agree that being smart does not equate with developmental maturity and wisdom.


Susanne Cook-Greuter is a founding member of the Integral Institute and is considered a leading authority in ego development theory and structural text analysis. She received her doctorate from Harvard University. Susanne teaches worldwide, certifies professionals in developmentally-tailored coaching, and works with organizations to become sustainable, profitable, and human growth-centered using integral insights. Susanne is a faculty member at Meridian University.

Terri O'Fallon is a researcher, a coach, a spiritual director and has 52 years of teaching all age groups from early childhood through post PHD. Her research, which arises out of embodied experience, inter-observations, evolutionary grammar and semiotics, integrates ego development with Integral theory, resulting in a periodic matrix of consciousness. Terri presently teaches and consults internationally. She has an MS in Special Education, an MA in Spiritual Direction and a PHD in Integral Studies with a concentration in Transformative Learning and Change. Terri is a faculty member at Meridian University.



Alex Howard interviews Susanne

Would you like to get a sense of who I am? Then watch this half-hour video interview by Alex Howard at the IEC'14 in Budapest.


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LMF Part 1: April 27-30, 2016  San Francisco Bay Area

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Recently participated in Budapest, Hungary: May 8-11, 2014


First European Integral Conference: Best conference I ever attended!

  • Susanne was the keynote speaker on the topic of "On Being Human." She advocated that some individuals with handicaps or in areas not  requiring second tier meaning making (music, the arts) can fundamentally and positively influence the environment and enrich our experience.

  • She offered an experiential workshop in which participants explored their own relationship to different levels and began  to deepen, appreciate, and integrate the whole spectrum of identifications in self and others.

  • She also participated in a panel like presentation with several speakers on higher stages and their appeal.


Break-through Article available for download:
Polarities and Ego Development: Polarity Thinking In Ego Development Theory And Developmental Coaching
by Beena Sharma and Susanne Cook-Greuter. Click here for access.

Selbstentwicklung: An Interview with Susanne Cook-Greuter on The Nine Levels of Increasing Embrace available in German on DVD (PAL Format) here.


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For an often cited, detailed description of ego development stages see White
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Interview with Susanne Cook-Greuter (Integral Leadership Review Newsletter, Feb. 2003) (pdf)

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