Beena Sharma is a program director, recognized for her achievements in successfully conceptualizing, developing and delivering systemic Leadership Development efforts. In her role as Project Director faculty of Notre Dame University, Beena designed and delivered the W.E.L.D (Whole System Executive Leadership Development) program for a branch of the US Navy, which was chosen as one of the six most innovative in executive education worldwide by the International University's Consortium for Executive Education in 2007. This project was also the recipient of the 2008 Under-Secretary of Defense Silver Award for excellence in Learning and Development, an award recognizing exceptional learning efforts and achievement of significant results within the US government.

Beena is an Associate and partner of Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter, and is one of 5 individuals globally, who are certified scorers of MAP (Maturity Assessment Profile).  Beena is also a trained Master Coach in MAP Developmental Coaching, enabling her to train and authorize other leaders, coaches and consultants in using the MAP instrument in the service of Individual and Organizational growth. Beena is a member faculty of Integral Institute, well versed in Wilberís Integral Theory and its applications in transformation of self and collective systems. She has been associated with Integral Institute since 2004, having served as faculty, designer and presenter for I-I seminars.

Beena has led efforts as an executive and consultant for various agencies of the US Government, leading private sectors companies in Health Care and other industries in the US and in India.  She is a certified Action Learning Team Coach using the ARL TM approach developed by LIM LLC, and has served as a Centre of Creative Leadership (CCL) faculty to deliver Action Learning Leadership Development.  Beena is certified at the Mastery level in Polarity Management TM and partners with Dr. Barry Johnson, of Polarity Management Associates, in working deeply with the subject of Leadership and organizational polarities and paradox. She is also trained in RTSC (Real-Time Strategic Change) methodologies and continues to work with the practice in partnership with its author, Robert W Jacobs.

A British Council Scholar from India in the field of Developing Thinking Skills, Beena currently actively delivers consulting assignments in Brazil, Russia, Canada and the North America region, supporting strategic planning and global partnerships for groups she associates with.  Deeply engaged with the design of learning systems for complex systems, she is presently working on defining a framework that will enable Integral Action Learning, in the service of embodied capability development.

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