Sandra M. Martínez, Ph.D., is the founder and President of Fénix Liderazgo y Desarrollo, S.A., a consultancy based in Latin America.  In working with leaders in all sectors, she has found that a developmental perspective combined with emergent principles resonates with practitioners and effectively supports transformation processes.   In additional to her work as an organizational consultant, she is also an executive coach, certified to administer and debrief the SCTi-MAP in Spanish and English.  Fénix Liderazgo y Desarrollo is the authorized representative in Spanish-speaking Latin America to administer and debrief the SCTi-MAP.  See    

Sandra earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration as a U.S. National Security Education Program Fellow and began her career teaching at the Wharton School.  More recently, she was the Chair of Defense Transformation at the US Army War College, where she was responsible for the design and delivery of programs in leadership development for high potential leaders in national and international security.  She has consulted for global firms, both public and not-for-profit, as well as government agencies.  She is an action researcher and passionate about supporting individuals in challenging situations to help them find their sources of inspiration, realize their potential, and lead transformation.    

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