Cook-Greuter and Associates Profiles

   Cook-Greuter and Associates was established in 1999 by its principal, Dr. Susanne R. Cook-Greuter. The goal of the group has been to bring the benefits of ego-development theory to organizational behavior and leadership.

    Cook-Greuter's office is located in the Boston area. After careful needs assessment, she joins with other consultancies to provide services best suited to specific requirements of an organization, project or individual. She believes that cooperation and referrals are the most effective way to optimally match needs with seasoned providers.



Susanne Cook-Greuter is the Owner and Principal of Cook-Greuter and Associates. She is internationally known as the leading expert in mature ego development and self-actualization. Since 1980 she has researched and developed the Washington University Sentence Completion Test. It is now called the MAP and serves as a global leadership maturity assessment tool. Susanne  leads professional trainings in the Leadership Development Framework (LMF) worldwide. She also offers certification training for MAP scorers. She collaborates with other consultant in bringing the adult development perspective into corporations and executive teams.

Her clients appreciate her for her dedication, creativity and joyful, subtle inquiry as well as for her profound knowledge of the adult development field and transformational methods.

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Associates (Click on names or photos for bios)

Beena Sharma

Ann Starr

Debora de la Cuesta

Barbara Braham

Elliott Ingersoll

Terri O'Fallon


Jean Trudel


Maureen Metcalf

Chris Wahl


Sandra M. Martínez


Maria van Hekken

Alexander Leuthold

Thomas Binder

Virginia Klamon

Debra Casalino




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